• Sleep & Heart Failure

    A Case of Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure

    For years Jerry had been taking medication for his heart problems. He suffered from atrial fibrillation-a constant fluttering of the heart and was diagnosed with heart failure. Jerry also suffered from poor sleep. He was constantly tired and often fell asleep while driving. However, Jerry was very reluctant to go to the doctor and seek treatment

    Sleep and Heart Disease

    Although all aspects of the relationship are not clear, there is definitely a direct connection among sleep, sleep disorders, and heart disease. Medical professionals have already identified an increased risk of sudden cardiac death in the first several hours after awakening, perhaps due to the increased work demand on the heart that occurs with awakening. Various studies also have clearly linked sleep-related breathing disorders with increases rates of high blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease and stroke. In fact, treating certain sleep-related breathing disorders may actually decrease a person’s chances of developing certain cardiovascular diseases.

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