• Frequently Asked Questions

    The following are a number of commonly asked questions regarding sleep studies answered by one of our most experienced and knowledgeable technicians, David Sarachman.

    Q: How much does a sleep study cost?

    A: If you are a resident of Ontario then OHIP will cover 100% of the cost of your sleep study. In fact if needed OHIP will cover up to two sleep studies per year.

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    Q: How comfortable is a sleep study?

    A: Sleep studies are a diagnostic study which involve hooking up about 20 electrodes to the surface of your head and body, donít worry though as they do not cause any irritation and are applied in such a way that you will hardly notice them.

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    Q: Will there be more than one person sleeping in the room with me?

    A: Not at all, all of our diagnostic suites are single occupancy and in fact might be similar to your own bedroom at home.

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    Q: If Iím hooked up to electrodes can I still get up to go the bathroom?

    A: Absolutely! In fact one of the duties of the monitoring technician is to be available to unhook you from the system so that you can use the bathroom whenever you want.

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    Q: Monitoring? Do you mean I am on camera?

    A: Yes, each patient is monitored by closed circuit infra-red camera. This is done to monitor for any sleep positional changes or any sleep walking/talking behaviour. Donít worry though, only the monitoring tech and the doctor will ever see it.

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    Q: I have sleep apnea, whatís next?

    A: If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea by the Doctor then you may be contacted to come in for an additional sleep study. We often use a CPAP trial using a breathing machine which provides continuous pressure to prevent your airway from collapsing due to sleep apnea. Most patients find that the CPAP eliminates snoring and it is considered the "gold-standard" treatment for sleep apnea1.

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    Q: Do you sell CPAP Machines?

    A: We do not sell or service CPAP machines. We are also not involved in the sale or distribution of home health care equipment. However, if you are prescribed a CPAP machine, you can visit any local home health care facility of your choice. Alternatively, we would be happy to recommend a number of available facilities for which we have received positive feedback from our patients.

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    Q: How much are CPAP Machines?

    The price varies depending on model but OHIP contributes 780.00 CAD through the assistive devices program (ADP) towards the purchase. If you possess personal health insurance or your work provides it then there might be no cost to you at all but be sure to contact your insurance provider to make sure, and any Home Health Care company (that sells CPAPs) will be sure to provide any additional information. At the most, a basic package will cost you $275.00.

    Q: What other options are available?

    While CPAP is considered the "gold-standard" for treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea1, there are a number of options available to be discussed with Dr. Awad and the rest of his clinical team. Lifestyle changes have proven to be beneficial in the treatment and management of sleep apnea. The first of these options is surgical intervention by an ENT (ear-nose-throat) surgeon. This approach is occassionaly used in CPAP-resistant patients. Alternatively, a number of oral appliances are available, which are sometimes helpful in the management of mild to moderate sleep apnea2. The doctor will be happy to discuss all of these options at consultation.

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